The Advantages of Gas Inserts

If you are thinking about how to make the most of your fireplace masonry, gas fireplace inserts might be the ones you need. These gas-powered heating components are tailored-fit to be placed inside an existing wood-burning fireplace producing fire like a wood-burning fireplace.

What keeps it a great choice is that these are safer to use and more environmentally friendly. Additionally, gas fireplace inserts are more efficient compared to wood fires in terms of maximizing the heating capacity. The inserts are easy to use as they can be fueled by natural gas. 

Furthermore, gas fireplace inserts are connected directly to your home’s existing gas supply line. 

Two Kinds of Gas Fireplace Inserts

There are two kinds of gas fireplace inserts that you can choose from—they are direct-vent and ventless. Here’s a rundown of how the two differ from each other:

  • Direct-vent systems- these heating element inserts come with a higher price tag and are slightly less energy efficient. However, they’re safer to use compared to ventless inserts because the combustion gasses vent out through pipes.
  • Ventless systems- this kind of unit is way cheaper and more energy-efficient. However, the only downside is that they pose a potential hazard of exhausting your indoor oxygen levels. And for this main reason, ventless systems are considered banned and illegal across different states and jurisdictions even though they are designed with oxygen depletion sensors to detect a reduction in indoor air quality.

What Are The Benefits Of Gas Inserts?

One of the major benefits of a gas insert compared to a traditional masonry unit is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to design. It comes with a large scale of sizes and shapes making them the ideal option for elevating your zone heating area such as 

bedrooms or bathrooms.

Clean Burning

Nowadays, gas appliances are designed to exceed the highest EPA standards for clean and safe flames. When it comes to the firebox, gas is the best choice since it won’t leave behind any mess like wood chips, soot, ash, and burned logs which are a common concern of homeowners with a wood fireplace.

Lots Of Heat

To be considered a good gas insert, one must possess a 65 percent to as high as 90 percent efficiency rate. Therefore, it can produce more heat to circulate in your home during use.  

Ease Of Use

A gas insert is an addition to your home that should bring you comfort instead of a hard time fully enjoying the benefits. You may start by flipping a switch, and controlling the temperature by setting the thermostat. Gas offers quick heat especially when you need it while providing a quick extinguishing once done using the unit.

Versatile and Endless Modification Design

Gas fireplaces are versatile in many ways as you can choose from a plethora of designs ranging from sizes, shapes, finishes, touches, colors, and materials. This makes it very easy to choose the best unit addition that will complement your existing bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms’ architectural design. As a result, it will give you an exceptional heating area along with sophisticated good looks.

Can I Install My Gas Insert?

Although inserts and fireplaces are premade and come with the ready-to-install feature, we encourage you not to fall this project into a do-it-yourself. Though DIY is a fun and rewarding challenge, there are certain home projects that you should avoid doing yourself, and one of these is gas insert installation.

Many factors come into play when installing anything that produces fire. Hence, hiring a professional gas insert installer is essential to ensure its safety and effectiveness of it. Here are some of the reasons you should hire gas insert installation services:

Adhere to building codes

A professional contractor undergoes intensive fireplace building codes training. Therefore, the installation adheres to all building regulations and instructions. For instance, the fireboxes and chimneys require enough spacing from the nearby wall supports to reduce the risk of fire.

A professional knows all this information, which puts you on the safe side of the law.

Availability of equipment

This service demands a considerable amount of physical work and knowledge of how to carry out the project. The most challenging part is the fitting, which depends on the fireplace insert design. Hence, you need specialized services and equipment to install the gas insert successfully.

Moreover, hiring a professional gives extra services and tips. In case of any issues after the installation, the experts will check on it, saving costs for repair and maintenance.

Guarantee safety

Hiring an expert will guarantee safety. He will ensure that the chimney liners and fireboxes are properly installed. Moreover, they ensure that the gas fireplace insert has a solid foundation and support to prevent it from collapsing.

Keeping all these things organized will give you peace of mind. It guarantees safety, leaving no room for errors. In addition, most companies have insurance that covers losses that may happen from the installation.

Inform you more about the service

Working with a professional is a great way to learn more about your gas fireplace insert. Through expert servicing, you will gradually learn how it works, common problems, and how to prevent them. 

Moreover, he is ready to answer all your questions and advice on how to maintain it.

Offer plenty of services

Another benefit of hiring a professional is they are more reliable and offer other services that can cover other issues you have at home. They can fix problems and check the entire system to ensure that there are no other issues. You can count on them for any service you need with your gas system.

At American Chimney Cleaning, we provide not only expert installation of gas inserts but also perform all chimney services – cleaning, inspection, relining, and many more. We offer all kinds of services to all the heating systems you have.

Contact A Pro

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