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Gas Insert Services in Kansas City Metro

If you want the ambiance and coziness of a fire, but don’t want the mess and hassle that comes with a wood-burning fireplace, American Chimney Cleaning can help. We offer gas fireplaces and gas inserts. These are alternative options that retain all of the aspects of a real fire that you love and deliver the warmth you desire but without the inconvenience.

We have been in the industry for more than two decades, delivering exceptional property owners’ services in the metro. Without proper chimney maintenance, heating systems can be dangerous because they can either cause fire or release toxic gasses into your living area. 

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The Difference Between Gas Inserts and Gas Log Sets

Gas fires are becoming more popular among homeowners, contractors, developers, and property managers. They offer an extra level of ambiance for the user while also lowering the cost of central heating. If you have a gas fireplace and you aren’t sure what kind it is, our team can help.

There are several types of gas fire units, including fireplaces, log sets, inserts, and stoves. It’s vital to know what you have so that you can use and care for it properly. If you’re converting from wood to gas, you need to know your options so you can choose wisely. 

Converting to Gas

You can achieve a wood-to-gas conversion by installing a gas log set or a gas insert directly into the existing firebox. We can recommend this type of action if you’re looking to convert to gas without a lot of repair or fuss. The log set and the insert are very different. Our team can determine which is best based on a few factors: ventilation, budget, and need. 

Gas Log Sets

If you have a tight budget, a gas log set is a good way to convert a wood fireplace to gas. This setup needs a new natural gas line installed in or near the fireplace. 

If you prefer a vent-free gas log set, you don’t even need to use the chimney. This is a good option if the chimney is in poor health. 

If the chimney is not an issue and the liner is appropriate for gas fires, your new fireplace can be a vented gas log set. It will burn with a beautiful, realistic yellow flame- unlike vent-free fires which burn blue and will vent soot and harmful vapors up the chimney. 

Gas Inserts

If your goal is to convert a wood fireplace to a gas one and you have a flexible budget installing a gas insert is an excellent option. A gas insert is a closed unit that is retrofitted directly into the existing firebox. Attempting to install a unit that is too large or small can lead to a fire, and using a new insert with an existing chimney can lead to devastating results as well.

Our team can pipe up from the new insert to change the chimney size to meet the smaller capacity of your gas insert. Once it’s installed, the liner will give the entire hearth a new look. Gas inserts come in several styles ranging from contemporary to rustic and everything in between.

How Often Should Gas Logs be Cleaned or Serviced?

While gas logs are mostly carefree, manufacturers still recommend having your logs cleaned and serviced at least once a year. Our team at American Chimney Cleaning recommends scheduling in the fall before your first annual use. That way, you can be assured that your gas logs will be as clean as possible and provide the best performance all winter long.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your gas logs are important. When not in use, they can accumulate a significant amount of dust and dander, which can clog the tiny holes in the logs.

If the dust, dander, and pollen build-up are not properly addressed, it can affect the operation of your gas logs. Gas logs that have not been can perform poorly or even malfunction. Furthermore, gas logs that are not regularly cleaned and serviced can develop a distinct odor.  

How to Choose a Gas Fireplace for Your Home

With more homeowners looking for greener and cleaner-bring alternative heating solutions, gas fireplaces are becoming a popular choice. Gas fireplaces burn clean, offer continuous heat, and are much easier to clean and maintain. If you are considering a gas fireplace for your home, here are some tips to make your choice easier. 

Determine Your Primary Purpose

Before you go to the hearth store, you need to ask yourself what the primary purpose will be for the fireplace: heat or aesthetics. If the main reason is for warming your home, then choose a gas fireplace with higher heating efficiency. 

A gas fireplace with higher heating efficiency will cost less to heat your space. In contrast, if your primary purpose is appearance, then choose a well-styled fireplace with a beautiful and elegant appearance that enhances the interior style of your living space. 

Choose the Control Options

When it comes to a gas fireplace, there are several options for controlling the flames. Some models have front-mounted controls on the unit. It allows you to turn on and off the fireplace by flipping a switch. The second option is a wall-mounted switch in the living space. A wall switch makes operating the fireplace as easy as turning on any light in your home.

The third option is through the remote control. It is the ultimate convenience. When you have a remote control, you can operate the fireplace and control the heating temperature without getting off the couch. A remote-control option is available on several gas fireplaces.  

Direct Vent vs. Ventless

When choosing a gas fireplace, the type of venting is another factor to consider. There are 2 types of venting systems: vented and ventless. The ventless or vent-free option is a good choice for homes that do not have an existing chimney or lack the space for a traditional wood-burning hearth. It also offers the highest heating efficiency because it retains all of the heat.

Direct vent gas fireplaces connect to an existing chimney or vent. Since you need a vent, you will need to install the gas fireplace on a wall where a vent can be established that will allow the carbon monoxide and other gasses to escape your home. 

You can also install a gas fireplace insert directly inside an existing fireplace for a more authentic experience. It’s an excellent way to convert an inefficient wood-burning fireplace into an efficient and clean-burning gas fireplace. 

Signs Your Gas Fireplace Needs Professional Maintenance

Your gas fireplace can be a warm and comfortable center of your home where your loved ones gather and keep those winter blues away. However, without professional gas fireplace maintenance, your fireplace can fall into despair. 

Below are the signs that your gas fireplace needs maintenance. 

Pilot Light Issues

Like your furnace, there’s a pilot light that is built into your fireplace. When the light is out and you’ve tried all the simple solutions, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Fortunately, neither of these issues is critical. The team from American Chimney Cleaning can fix these issues quickly and efficiently. 

The Gas Fireplace Switches On and Off

If your fireplace goes on and off while you’re trying to use it, that’s another sign that your fireplace needs maintenance. The generator may be worn out, dirt and carbon may have built up and caused malfunctions, the burner may be jammed, or any other number of issues may be the reason behind it. Our team of professionals can diagnose issues and have them fixed fast. 

Rotten Egg Smell

Rotten eggs are among the worst smells out there in general. However, if it’s coming from your fireplace, that’s a very bad sign. If you smell rotten eggs or hear any hissing, that likely means you have a very dangerous gas leak. Gas fireplaces use natural gas. If you have a natural gas leak in your home, there is potential for a gas explosion.  

Burning Smell

Gas fireplaces shouldn’t smell like burning. If it’s a natural gas fireplace, it should be relatively odorless. So, if you smell something like burning, that’s usually a sign of debris or dust in your fireplace and means your fireplace needs some cleaning. 

Taking Care of All Your Fireplace Needs in Kansas City

Whether you are looking for elegant, rustic, modern, or traditional design, there’s a perfect gas fireplace for you. 

American Chimney Cleaning invests in our professionals by providing ongoing training regularly. We keep our people updated on fireplace and stove technology. Our customers know that they can trust our level of experience and training when it comes to installing, maintaining, and servicing fireplaces, stoves, and venting systems.  

Gas Insert Defined

If you love your wood-burning fireplace but want to upgrade its efficiency, appearance, or both, then look no further than American Chimney Cleaning. We offer an extensive line of elite gas stove inserts. 

A gas insert is designed to fit directly into your existing firebox easily. It can transform your current fireplace into a super-efficient heating solution without needing a major construction project. Moreover, a gas insert adds convenience, allowing you to generate a cozy fire with the touch of a button or the flip of a switch. 

Benefits of Using a Gas Insert

When you add a gas insert to your home, you’ll enjoy the following benefits. 

Increased Energy Efficiency

Installing a gas insert in your existing firebox stops heat loss through your chimney. Your gas insert’s energy is directly used to heat your home. This major increase over a masonry fireplace’s dismal efficiency rating leads to a sure-fire efficiency difference that you’ll feel. 

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

Whether you realize it or not, the quality of your indoor environment directly affects your health. If you want to protect your and your family’s well-being, you need to create a cleaner space. 

Gas inserts burn clean energy that produces little, if any pollution or smoke. When you choose this option, it means saying hello to a healthier, ash-free atmosphere, and most of all, a healthier you. 

Lower Monthly Energy Bills

The sealed front of a gas insert prevents heated air from escaping up your chimney and out of your home. Furthermore, they stop the cold outdoor air from sneaking in, too. This means your home will stay warmer for longer, reducing the extent to which you need to use your heart for a decreased energy bill. 

Skip the Hassle and Expense of House Renovation

Gas inserts give a new look to your fireplace without having to do major remodeling work, saving you time, money, and a lot of headaches. 

Easy Maintenance

Aside from its hassle-free installation, retaining your gas insert’s superior heat performance is stress-free. A regular annual checkup protects your home from getting left out in the cold. 

Offers Convenience

You don’t need to chop and stack wood. With a gas insert, all you need to do is flip the switch or push the button for your gas logs to come to life and deliver the real fire ambiance you desire. 

Adds Value to Your Home

A fireplace generates a welcoming atmosphere that people love, but no one likes the hassle that comes with it. So, when a potential homebuyer realizes that your gas insert allows them to have the warmth and comfort of a wood-burning fireplace, the appeal of your property increases. 

Wide Installation Options

From masonry fireplaces to prefab fireplaces, gas inserts are designed to fit them all. Furthermore, with their ability to be vented out through an existing chimney or a wall for a freestanding unit, gas retrofits can fit almost any home.

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    Gas fireplaces offer the comfort and enjoyment of a fire without the hard work of splitting and stacking wood, carrying it into the house, and then cleaning your fireplace of ash and soot. 

    Gas fireplaces are an affordable, effective alternative to traditional fireplaces. Best of all, they only need a fraction of the effort and work associated with a wood-burning fireplace.

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