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    A dirty fireplace can lead to chimney fires or contribute to air pollution. That’s why you need a fully certified chimney cleaning company to diagnose your fireplace and chimney. American Chimney Cleaning is a full-service chimney sweep company serving all properties in Raymore, Missouri, and nearby areas.

    Our technicians will recommend what is best for your chimney system. We are fully trained and certified to meet all of your chimney needs.

    For the last two decades, American Chimney Cleaning has provided expert chimney cleaning services and dryer vent services at competitive rates. With our focus on high-quality work and customer satisfaction, we are committed to keeping your chimneys and dryer vents working as efficiently and as safely as possible.

    When you need a professional chimney and dryer vent service that is friendly, honest, and reliable, American Chimney Cleaning is the best choice. We always put your safety first and deliver high-quality services at reasonable prices.

    Chimney Cleaning Services You Can Trust

    Chimney cleaning is an area of property maintenance that is often neglected. It’s an easy error every homeowner can make, and it’s something that happens rather often.

    Our chimney cleaning process doesn’t sound like too much work, but it is also detailed but important. Your chimney should be cleaned regularly and by certified cleaners.

    Our first step in our cleaning process is inspection. Our inspection will determine if there are needed repairs and the level of creosote buildup in the chimney.

    After the inspection, our technician will start the chimney clean. We will lay out floor protectors around the fireplace or wood source to protect your floor. We will climb on top of your room and start from the top, working our way down.

    Our technicians will clean the damper, chamber, and flue. If your chimney doesn’t have a liner system, we will use an insert device to clean the liner system thoroughly.

    Chimney Inspections for Your Chimneys, Fireplaces, and Dryer Vents

    Every service we offer starts with an inspection. You need a chimney inspection to protect your home, wallet, and peace of mind. Regular check-up of your chimney and fireplace will save you money in the long run.

    Here are some of the benefits that our chimney inspection offers.

    Prevents carbon monoxide poisoning

    Carbon monoxide is an odorless and invisible gas, yet it can be deadly when taken at high levels. If there is a buildup of smoke byproducts, twigs, and animal nests in your chimney, it compromises the chimney’s airflow. Without proper airflow, carbon monoxide can be pushed back into your home rather than exiting through the chimney.

    Increases heating efficiency

    A clean chimney will also help the wood in your fireplace burn more thoroughly and efficiently. If you don’t have a regular inspection, your chimney is likely clogged, and an insufficient amount of oxygen is reaching the burning wood. It decreases the heat of the burn and increases your heating bills.

    Makes it easier to inspect

    When you have professionals to clean your chimney, it will be easier for a chimney cleaning company to conduct inspections. The chimney service will clean out any soot and creosote buildups that can interfere with an inspection.

    Why is Chimney Relining Important?

    A chimney is more than a hole in your house, and its construction is important. Chimneys are lined with clay, metal, or ceramic material to protect their walls.

    A chimney inspection report can reveal whether the chimney lining is worn, damaged, or non-existent. It also verifies that the flue is sized correctly for the appliance. The correct liner provides a flue that enables optimal operating efficiency of the chimney.

    If the liner is incorrectly sized, it may contribute to excessive creosote or carbon monoxide production. Moreover, if the liner is damaged or has worn away, we recommend replacement to prevent these and other potentially dangerous situations.

    Chimney relining is an inexpensive solution, especially compared to the damage that an improperly lined chimney can do. A properly lined chimney meets the standards for safety, providing you with peace of mind.

    Our Promise

    American Chimney Cleaning offers the best chimney-related services to keep your chimney in excellent condition. We use the best tools and technology in all our services. Our technicians are knowledgeable and know chimneys inside-out, so you can trust us to give you the best tips on keeping your chimney clean and safe.

    We stand behind our work. That’s why we offer comprehensive warranty programs for all our services. 

    An unsafe chimney puts your property and your loved ones at risk! For your chimney cleaning needs, call us at (816) 320-5377. American Chimney Cleaning proudly serves properties throughout the Kansas area, including Harrisonville, Raymore, Louisburg, Belton, Peculiar, and Pleasant Hill.