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    Your fireplace does a lot for you and your family when the winter season comes. It reduces your heating bills, creates an inviting atmosphere, and provides an alternative source of light in case the power fails. When you are looking for a professional chimney cleaning company, American Chimney Cleaning can help.

    We serve all properties throughout Belton, Missouri, and nearby communities. We understand the dangers of a poorly kept fireplace. That’s why we offer quick and affordable chimney cleaning services.

    Even the best fireplaces and chimneys in town can accumulate a thick layer of creosote. Since creosote is highly flammable, it can quickly start a fire in your home. Moreover, blocked chimneys can inhibit dangerous gas from exiting the flue, putting your at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Let the Professionals Handle the Dirty Work

    If you are not equipped with the right equipment or the experience to clean your chimney, you may soon have a mess in your hands. Soot scatters easily, working its way into the flooring and furniture.

    When you choose us for chimney cleaning, we will do everything we can to protect your family’s health and the safety of your home. While we are at it, we can also perform other services to ensure your chimney stays in great shape:


    See our customer reviews to know why we are the most trusted chimney cleaning company in Belton, Missouri.

    How Often Should You Have Chimney Cleaning

    The primary purpose of chimney cleaning is to prevent fires related to fireplaces and chimneys. As a professional chimney sweep company, we don’t just clean the chimney. We also perform a visual inspection to ensure no unsafe conditions can lead to home fires or unsafe air quality in your home.

    The National Fire Protection Association Standard 211 states that you should have the fireplaces, chimneys, and vents inspected at least once a year. Our team agrees with the standard to make sure that no animals built any nests that would interfere with the chimney’s proper operation. There can also be structural damage in the past year that can make your chimney unsafe.

    We Also Specialize in Dryer Vent Services!

    American Chimney Cleaning isn’t just a chimney and fireplace specialist. We also specialize in dryer vent cleaning, repair, and installation.

    When your dryer vent system is dirty or poorly designed, it can be a serious health and fire hazard. It can also significantly increase your energy bills. When your home is newly built, and your dryer was installed on an interior wall, chances are your venting system needs to be checked for any design flaws which can cause appliance inefficiency and excessive lint buildup.

    Whether you need a new installation, cleaning, or repair, give us a call! We are always ready to lend a hand!

    What You Can Expect from American Chimney Cleaning

    Several service companies make a lot of promises, but who among them actually delivers? At American Chimney Cleaning, we’re not just talking. We always stand behind our word and promise you the following:

    Ethics and Integrity

    We value our name so much, and we’ve spent years building our reputation throughout Kansas City. Over the years, we have maintained our reputation for being an ethical, trustworthy, and integrity-driven company by prioritizing our customers and delivering the best work quality. We also work hard to ensure the safety of our team and our customers.

    A Job Well-Done

    Our technicians are all CSIA- certified. We attend regular training and education courses, so there’s no area of chimney care we aren’t familiar with. We are dedicated to doing the job right the first time, whether the task is small or large. We never cut corners when it comes to our projects.

    No-Mess Guarantee

    Part of our job is to make your home safer and more comfortable. That’s why we take such great care to keep it clean throughout the service appointment. We use specialized vacuums to ensure that every bit of soot, creosote, dust, or lint is handled correctly.

    Quality Care and Services

    Wherever you live in Belton, Missouri, you can trust us for all of your chimney, fireplace, and dryer vent needs. We look forward to serving you and showing you the customer care and professionalism you deserve.

    Our Promise

    American Chimney Cleaning offers the best chimney-related services to keep your chimney in excellent condition. We use the best tools and technology in all our services. Our technicians are knowledgeable and know chimneys inside-out, so you can trust us to give you the best tips on keeping your chimney clean and safe.

    We stand behind our work. That’s why we offer comprehensive warranty programs for all our services. 

    An unsafe chimney puts your property and your loved ones at risk! For your chimney cleaning needs, call us at (816) 320-5377. American Chimney Cleaning proudly serves properties throughout the Kansas area, including Harrisonville, Raymore, Louisburg, Belton, Peculiar, and Pleasant Hill.