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Do you remember the last time you had your chimney cleaned? Regular chimney cleaning can help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and can prevent house and chimney fires. If you are looking for a professional chimney cleaning service in Kansas City, American Chimney Cleaning can help. 

We have been in the industry for more than two decades, delivering exceptional property owners’ services in the metro. Without proper chimney maintenance, heating systems can be dangerous because they can either cause fire or release toxic gases into your living area.

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Keeping Your Chimneys Away from Fire

American Chimney Cleaning provides professional chimney cleaning services. Our company is fully licensed and also keeps up with the latest fire safety courses available. We prioritize your safety and the safety of your loved ones, so we make sure to meet all your expectations.

We strive to bring the highest level of professional and technical expertise to the areas we serve and educate our customers. We provide professional recommendations regarding your chimney and guide you through the options available. We will then work with you to choose the safest and most efficient solution at the best available price.

The National Fire Protection Association Standard 211 states, “Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances. Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs shall be done if necessary.”

We not only highly recommend chimney inspection and cleaning once a year. We recommend cleaning it more often if you see a buildup of creosote that is 1/8 of an inch thick.

Why is Chimney Cleaning Necessary?

Chimney cleaning is essential to work in a household. The chimneys help the household get rid of the dust and the toxic elements that might arise while a fire is burning.

Below are the top reasons why you need to clean your chimney regularly. 

  • Improves Performance

Over time, the inside of your chimney flue gets coated with creosote and soot. This coating makes your flue smaller, thus reducing draft and flow. When this happens, the smoke is likely to backdraft into your home. 

  • Cleaning Helps Prevent Fires

When you regularly maintain your fireplace and chimney flue, it helps in keeping your family safe. Regular cleaning prevents flue fires from happening. 

  • Reduces the Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

All chimneys have the risk of pushing carbon monoxide back into a home. When the chimneys are not cleaned regularly, they are at a much higher risk for potentially fatal exhaust issues.

Annual inspection and cleaning are required if your home has fireplaces or gas appliances. 

  • Eliminates Foul Chimney Odor

If you notice that your living room smells like a campfire, then you need to find a way to stop those chimney odors. Regularly cleaning your chimney has the benefit of fresher smelling home. 

  • Removes Sooty Creosote and Debris

Creosote is a flammable fuel that can lead to chimney fires. When you burn wood, it produces creosote. While you cannot avoid this, you can minimize its risk by sweeping it from your chimney flue. 

  • Stops Pest Entry

When you clean a chimney, you also need to deal with pests and all types of critters that make homes in your flues. A thorough chimney inspection will provide pest entry solutions options, such as chimney caps or other repairs. 

  • Extends Your Chimneys’ Lifespan

When your chimneys are well-maintained, you add more years to their lifespan. Moreover, you increase the value of your home, too. A complete chimney cleaning service can reduce the risk of costly chimney repairs in the future. 

  • Peace of Mind

Regular cleaning of your chimney will give you peace of mind. It ensures that your chimney’s condition is always in its pristine condition. 

Why Choose American Chimney Cleaning?

While there are many chimney cleaning companies in the market, American Chimney Cleaning remains your best choice for your chimney cleaning needs. Below are the reasons why. 

  • We are clean.

Our team goes above and beyond to keep your property safe and clean. We only use the highest quality of cleaning materials and vacuum bags for our cleaning services. 

  • We value your time.

If you can trust a company with your time, you can’t trust them at all! At American Chimney Cleaning, we understand the value of your time. That’s why we make it our priority to show up on time or give sufficient notice if we are to be early or late. 

  • We have the proper equipment.

Chimney cleaning requires specialized tools and equipment. We invest in the industry’s latest tools and methods to repair, clean, and inspect your chimney correctly and cost-effectively. 

  • We provide total customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a total chimney cleaning experience. We will not leave your property until you are satisfied with our service. That’s our promise!

  • We are trained and certified.

We know that finding a chimney cleaning company you can trust can be challenging. However, you don’t have to worry when you choose us for the job. We have all the certification and training to give you peace of mind.  

  • We offer competitive prices.

We don’t think you need to choose between providing for and protecting your family. That’s why from sales to repairs, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality at the lowest possible prices. 

  • Our works are guaranteed.

Our technicians have extensive experience and produce the highest quality work possible. Whether you need a simple cleaning or other chimney services, we’ll work hard to ensure that you’re satisfied with our work. If for some reason you aren’t, we will work until we get it right – guaranteed! 

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