Wood Burning Insert

Everyone would love to have the best of both worlds when it comes to the comfort and sophistication of a wood-burning insert. However, not everyone doesn’t want to deal with DIY wood-burning installation or maintenance of a masonry fireplace. Thankfully, this is where your team at American Chimney Cleaning comes into the picture. 

For many years, we are the #1 go-to chimney cleaning professionals throughout Kansas City, Missouri, and neighboring cities. We make the most of your wood-burning insert by providing a wide range of services including chimney cleaning, chimney inspection, and chimney relining. We also specialize in furnace flue relining, chimney caps, chimney repair, dryer vents, and gas logs.

Why Invest In Wood Burning Insert

The design of the wood-burning insert must be placed inside an existing wood fireplace. From there, you can now elevate your open and breezy wood burn as it will help in boosting the overall wood-burning efficiency and heating capacity of the fireplace. This will bring a cozy and comfortable ambiance that you can enjoy during the cold season.

Make the most of your fireplace through our cutting-edge wood-burning inserts from American Chimney Cleaning! With us, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your home is conveniently running for a much longer period. Wood-burning inserts prevent a draft from entering your home so you can make the most of your wood fireplace!

Our wood-burning insert solutions are designed to surpass the standards for clean-burning to provide unbeatable comfort. Whether you are looking for contemporary designs or traditional ones, you can now enjoy your wood-burning insert practically and more cleanly without hurting the environment.

Catalytic Wood Burning Inserts and Non-Catalytic Wood Burning Inserts Services 

Being in the chimney industry for many years, American Chimney Cleaning has mastered the art of incorporating state-of-the-art wood-burning technology with innovative wood-burning insert styling. We offer wood inserts that are available to both catalytic inserts and non-catalytic inserts in a plethora of choices. You can choose from our cast-iron, traditional and contemporary catalytic inserts, and non-catalytic inserts design. With us, you can be at ease knowing that our works are not only guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction but also backed by the best warranty package in the chimney industry.

The Advantages Of Wood Burning Insert

One of the edges of having a wood-burning insert is to instantly elevate the overall look of your masonry fireplace. Aside from boosting the natural aesthetic appeal or becoming a stylish appliance in your home; this insert stores significant benefits that homeowners should not miss out on.

For instance, the masonry fireplace has an efficiency rate of about 10%. This is relevant to many homeowners who are conscious of cost-cutting when making the most of the fireplace. The value of a wood-burning insert becomes more and more underrated.

Here are some of the most indisputable benefits of wood burning insert that you should not miss:

Heating Efficiency

Fireplace inserts boast heating efficiencies for more than 80% and up. And due to innovation, wood burn inserts consist of steel or cast iron and are placed inside a zero-clearance fireplace or even an existing masonry fireplace. Moreover, it is essential to ensure that your chimney is always aligned properly for use with an insert.

Fireplace inserts feature glass doors that enable you to enjoy watching the flames for a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Meanwhile, its enclosed design along with the heavy insulation produces more heat for your home. Many wood-burning inserts come with a fan that is responsible for transporting warm air to circulate in the firebox right into your home. 

You can choose from a wide selection of series, models, and models ranging from 1,000 up to 3,000 square feet. This is effective in warming up your living space using a fireplace insert. The ability to switch off your central heating can drastically lessen your utility costs annually.

Fuel Efficiency

What makes a fireplace burn more effectively while having less heat going up the chimney is the burning environment in a wood-burning insert. The amount of expense, energy, and time that you put into your firewood supply can be lessened as the wood you will use will provide more heat. 

Prevents Air Leakage

Even though it is a standard procedure to always close the damper of the fireplace when not in use, there are still some homeowners who have a misconception about air escaping home through the chimney, even when it is already closed. Commonly, dampers have enough seals to prevent any heated air from escaping through a fireplace. If you own a traditional fireplace that has a window in your home and is cracked open throughout, don’t hesitate to call the pros at American Chimney Cleaning!

With our wood-burning insert solutions, you can have peace of mind in knowing that air leakage is no longer a concern. The glass doors serve as a robust protection to prevent the back-and-forth flow of air from entering the chimney to your home inversely.

Poisonous gasses and combustion particles can put your health at stake as it will enter your home. This will drastically reduce when it’s time to fire up your wood-burning insert. Wood burning insert might contain carbon monoxide which is a noxious fume that can be dangerous to everyone in the household.

Make The Most Of Your Wood Burning Insert By American Chimney Cleaning

From maximized heating and fuel efficiency to a wide scale of design possibilities, our wood-burning insert stores endless valuable benefits. That is why it is no secret that homeowners are choosing them as an investment in their masonry fireplaces.

Whether it’s a simple or complex wood-burning insert project in Kansas City, Missouri you can trust the experts at American Chimney Cleaning. We strive to dedicate our services to providing cleaner and safer homes through the years.

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